Episode 16 – Fall/Winter 2017 Video Game Preview

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This week Brad and Ryan discuss the various games coming out in the fall and winter of 2017. With top tier titles such as Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim (Switch), Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Call of Duty WWII, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 headed to your favorite gaming systems, it’s tough to make a choice.

“Question of the week?” Is this the last chance that the Call of Duty franchise has to prove itself to the gaming community? Let us know by commenting on our posts or tweeting us @ctxpodcast.

Episode 15 – When A Big Company Buys A Smaller Company

It’s officially fall, at least in Texas, and that means new phones and new gadgets for the holiday season. Google has yet to announce the next Pixel, but they have announced that they have purchased a part of HTC in a $1 Billion dollar deal to help develop the next generation of Google hardware. This week we chose to explore Google’s (spotty) hardware past and look to the future of hardware from the web giant.


Ryan has never played a Zelda game before Breath of the Wild & Brad is a veteran of the Zelda franchise, dating all the way back to the early 90s. The guys discuss their experiences in BotW, Brad talks about other games in the series and how those entries are different from this new game.

What’s your favorite Zelda game? Let us know by tweeting us @ctxpodcast

Episode 12 – The Backlog

Late post! Ryan had some technical issues to workaround, which is why this episode is going up a whole two days late. We’re terribly sorry for the delay. Anyways… in this episode, Brad talks about his trip to New York City and the guys share their frustrations with having a bunch of video games to play, but never actually finishing most of them. Does this happen to you? If so, let us know how you’ve overcome your anxiety of “The Backlog”.

Episode 11 – Because Frostbite…

Ryan releases his frustrations with EA, the current state of EA sports games, and why does everything at use Frostbite? We also debut a new segment, “No Way Jose or Yeah BayBay”, where Ryan hits Brad with a few questions.

Episode 7 – Our Struggles This Week

Episode 7 almost didn’t happen, or did it? Ryan and Brad discuss the latest updates in their lives and the steps they are taking to improve this podcast for you, the listeners. After a conflict early in the week between Brad & Ryan, it wasn’t clear if this episode was going to be recorded.